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Update: Nangarhar Chicken Project


We are happy to provide a recent update to our supporters regarding our long-prided Nangarhar Chicken Project. In the past several months, over 800 chickens have been donated to needy families in the Nangarhar Province and beyond. A few chickens for a family struggling with chronic hunger and poverty can be transformative, with laying hens providing a source of protein and income to the family through the farming of eggs. Studies of malnutrition’s impact on childhood brain development make it clear that the addition of protein to a malnourished child’s diet is invaluable.

Such an effort could not have been possible without logistical support in the region that allows Samsortya to identify families to receive these gifts of poultry, as well as monetary donations from supporters from all over the world.

We invite our supporters to further grow the Nangarhar Chicken Project by donating. Samsortya’s grassroots fundraising efforts and low overhead costs mean that the chickens and turkeys that are part of the Nangarhar Chicken Project are acquired for less than a dollar per bird! Imagine the impact of even a small donation on a family struggling with malnutrition.