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Support the new Nursing and Midwifery Education Scholarship!

For our newest initiative, Afghanistan Samsortya has partnered with accredited nursing programs in Afghanistan to provide pathways to a career in nursing or midwifery for young Afghan women. As part of our commitment to a country where skilled medical professionals are in short supply and rates of maternal mortality are some of the world’s highest, Samsortya uses donated funds to provide local women the opportunity to enter a two- to four-year program to become a nurse or nurse-midwife.

Read more about the education initiative on our news page!

We partner with local Afghans to renew a devastated ecosystem and rebuild communities.

Samsortya was created from a handful of seeds by Dr. Mariam Raqib, a former refugee from Eastern Afghanistan. After returning to her home country in 2008 and finding that the lush and beautiful country she once knew had been environmentally devastated after decades of conflict, our organization was founded through small donations from a worldwide network of contributors. Samsortya has become a support system for the Afghan communities it serves by establishing nurseries and gardens, offering employment and educational opportunities, and funding various environmental projects that seek to improve the quality of life for Afghan families.

Make our Year-End Fundraiser a Success!

After our summer projects have come to a close and planting season draws near in eastern Afghanistan, Afghanistan Samsortya is looking to expand upon existing reforestation and livestock projects, as well as establish a new nursery space in Kabul. We have set our most ambitious fundraising goal yet, and we hope to reach it through the continuing generosity of Samsortya's network of supporters around the world. Learn more about our projects, read our fundraising appeal letter, or contribute a tax-deductible donation



News and Blog Updates

Current Projects

Nurseries and Gardens

Samsortya has established four greenspaces in the areas of Kabul, Jalalabad, and rural Nangarhar. The gardens provide food, fuel, and comfort to their local communities, as well as creating employment opportunities for locals.

Nangarhar Chicken Project

Since 2015, Samsortya has been donating poultry and feed to families in the communities where our gardens are located. Families are able to have a reliable, self-sustaining source of protein and a potential source of income. 

Kabul Commons project

During her latest trip to Afghanistan, Dr. Raqib began making plans to convert an abandoned courtyard in Kabul into a park for women and children to gather safely and comfortably in a natural space. This garden will mark Samsortya's fifth nursery, and an important addition to Kabul's growing Green movement.