Afghanistan Samsortya
Giving the gift of trees


Contribute to Afghan communities.

Donate to Afghanistan Samsortya

Any and all donations made to Afghanistan Samsortya go directly to the projects and initiatives aiding the residents of Afghanistan. 


$15 provides 1 fruit-bearing tree

$30 provides 2 trees for an Afghan family

$50 provides 4 trees for a family and its children

$100 provides 10 trees to revitalize a neighborhood in Afghanistan

$250 provides 25 trees to give fuel, shade, and food to an Afghan community

$500 provides 50 trees of various species to sustain a community in Afghanistan

$1000 provides 100 trees to renew and heal the local ecosystem, as well as offer opportunities for employment to local Afghans

$1500 provides one well for a community in need of fresh, potable, and accessible sources of water