How you can get involved

We want to share our work with as many people as possible because we believe that the work we do provides something positive to a nation that has seen so much devastation in the past thirty years. You will see that we have provided two different informative packets. One packet is specifically designed for school-aged children. The work we do helps children in need, which is why our packet is designed to get children to think about those who might need assistance. Please share the packets widely.

Informative Packet

School Packet


For more information please contact:
Mariam Raqib, Director, The Afghanistan Samsortya


You may wish to support us in the following ways:

Contribute to support our work

Please consider making a one-time financial contribution, or a pledge for a monthly donation to support our nurseries, farmers and gardeners.

A commitment to our monthly pledge program will ensure that our reforestation programs will continue.  We are currently in the process of establishing our first tree nurseries in Surkhrud District. 

A $20 one time donation or monthly pledge will ensure that a seed planted today will reach the sapling stage and be ready for distribution to the community.  You may specify your monthly pledge level when you make your donation and request a monthly email reminder.

$200 grove supporter
$100 nursery supporter
$25 sapling supporter

Please note that your contribution will be processed in the most efficient manner and proceeds will go directly toward The Afghanistan Samsortya’s environmental revitalization programs efforts to help Afghans revitalize their environment and become self-reliant.

Provide farming supplies and/or assistance with farming techniques

All over the world, communities are engaged in efforts to beautify their natural environments and improve their living conditions.  Working in cooperation and sharing ideas will be more beneficial than working in isolation.

We need to connect with farming communities around the world who will correspond with us regarding innovative farming techniques and the use of non-aggressive fertilizers.  Let us please join our efforts and improve the Earth’s natural environment together!


The Afghanistan Samsortya is in need of financial assistance that may be obtained from fundraising activities in collaboration with farming communities, schools, churches, women’s groups, Rotary clubs, environmentalist organizations, public libraries, and other groups. 

If you are interested in holding a fundraiser in your school, church, or library, please contact us for more information.

Volunteer your skills

We require assistance with a number of tasks including research, grant writing, database management, and website/ technical support.

Please contact us with any ideas you may have for furthering our mission through use of your energy and efforts.